Sunday, September 23, 2012

Basic Drawing Week 5 Update and NEW ANIMATIONS AND SKETCHES

Hi there all!

Basic Drawing is going great! I got an A on the last project and its currently being displayed in the front office :) Oh yeah. haha 

We're working on a new project and its a collection real objects together. The objects that I chose are a collection of a Pepsi cup, some MnM's, and a big Plastic MnM guy in a chair-Looking something like THAT

I'll make sure to snap a picture for next week.

I animated a bit in Maya this weekend:

I think it turned out O.K.

I looked at my older CG stuff that I've gotten a lot better. I mean my first tests in maya were very.... Interesting.

So anyways I decided that eventually I'll gather up my older 3D stuff and make a progress reel for all my CG stuff. I'll start doing that stuff little by little, expect it coming soon.


I recently started drawing some people faces:
Expect more next week

Thanks for reading!


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