Monday, December 24, 2012

Basic Animation Exercises: 2D

Back to the basics! I learned a ton doing these simple exercises, squash and stretch, anticipation, arcs, timing, overlap, follow through, slow-in slow-out, etc.. Since doing these, I think I have a more sturdy foundation for 2D animation and its principles as I keep working and doing more things. All these exercises were described by StefanLipsius at, you can view the original post here:

1: Looping Ball bounce: First and Last frame are at the top of the screen
2: Bounce in place with a settle to a stop: First frame is at the top, last frame is on the ground.
3: Bounce across the screen with the same height each bounce.
4: Bounce across the screen, each bounce shorter than the last, eventually coming to a stop
EXTRA. practice working with a pendulum (Not included in the original) 
5: A pendulum swinging, eventually coming to a stop.
6: A pendulum hits the ball, causing the ball to hit a wall, bounce a few times and come to a settle, all the while, the pendulum comes to a stop as well.
7: Rubber Pencil: Overlap and Follow through exercise.

Now that that's done, Merry Christmas Time!!!!

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