Thursday, August 2, 2012

Daily Update #4: Demo Reel Poses and Disney Banjo!

Hey there everyone!

Here are the poses I worked on today! I did some drawing but I'll post those tomorrow

These are defiantly going into the reel! Unless I messed something up, in that case, please someone contact me and tell me!

Who here doesn't love Disney Music? Sherman Brothers, Alan Menkan, Michael Giacchino, the list goes on, Disney has some of the best music of all time in their movies.

Who doesn't love a good ol' banjo strumming? You can't be said when your listening to some good up tempo banjo picking. If you do get sad by hearing banjo music... You need to get to a doctor!

So Disney Music.. Plus Banjo?

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to announce,

The Notorious Banjo Brothers and Bob in Disney World

Just thought I'd post this. Great music, not the best quality but still, great great great music.

Have a good day everyone and I will talk to you tomorrow!

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