Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Daily Update #2: Demo Reel and Sketches

Hey there everyone!

Today's been a pretty good day, I have about 33 seconds of animations for the reel in which I've made this month alone! Also, with the ball bounces I'm going to do soon, hopefully that'll add 7-10 seconds then if I do a character animation it'll make a it longer as well!

Just a heads up...I'm going to Disney World August 9th so my daily updates will still be going, and I'll be talking about all the awesome stuff about Disney.

Photobucket Now on to the daily doodles and animationsA cute kitten, penguin and some kids from Preston Blair book.

Some hands, a business man, a puppy, and some other stuff Lt. Dan walk- I wanted to go back and fix this guy's movements, before they were very abrupt now hopefully they are more subtle.

Remember, any comments/crit, hit me up in the comments or on twitter: www.twitter.com/toonyanimatorSee you tomorrow!


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