Monday, July 30, 2012

Daily Update #1: The Beginning

Hello Everyone!

I have decided to begin blogging EVERYDAY for the rest of the summer. Why?

Because I want to to be able to express my feelings on romance, drama, and reality TV.

LOL just kidding, the real reason is:

Because I want to keep track of what I'm doing and so I can make sure I upload my sketches and animations every day.

Everyday I draw and animate. I spend at least an hour doing both, but lots of times I get caught up doing something else so I don't post my sketches daily like I said I would do. Hopefully by having to update this daily, it'll be a kick-in-the-butt to myself to post my drawings.

Now I know I only get about 300 page views a month so not that many people will be reading this, that's ok. I'm doing this to keep track of my own progress and to maybe even become a better writer.

Stephen King, one of my favorite writers, once said that he writes everyday. 365 days of the year.

So maybe if I too write everyday, I can become a better writer than I was before I started these daily updates.

Ok, so now that we got all this settled, now let's get down to business. The stuff I did today.

I sketched some cartoon animals. And some dogs and a bird from the Preston Blair Cartoon Animation book.

Here they are:

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos If anyone has any comments, leave them in the comments or tell them to me on twitter!

See you all tomorrow


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