Wednesday, August 12, 2015

CalArtsRinglingOrBust: Lee's Progress Blog For College!

Hey there, Internet! As you may or may not know I'm applying for character/computer animation at CalArts/Ringling this fall! The application deadline is quickly approaching (January) and I still have lots to do and improve on! So, I created a progress blog ( ) to track everything! That means I won't be posting here on my main blog until after I apply. Sooo go check it out!  ! I'll be posting daily the art I've done. Hopefully this will be a good diary/journal and will allow me to track the experience and force me to draw tons daily. I'm nervous but mostly insanely excited!! Animation! Woo! So follow that blog  and check back here in January to see how everything turned out!

In case you didn't catch the link I dropped 18 times: 


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