Thursday, April 26, 2012

UPDATE: 4/26/12

Hi there everyone!

Whats the new update today? Nothing much unfortunately. I haven't animated much recently other than just goofy stuff on my brother's iPad except this:
Its pretty rough animation but the point of doing this was to prove to myself that I am able to animate over a video. I am going to do this a lot come summer time.

Anyways. I haven't animated for a while. I've been pretty busy wrapping up school + sports. I've drawn a fair amount but those are just little doodles on the margins of my notebooks. I have about 3-4 weeks left until schools out. Until then, unfortunately, I will be animating just a little. I have a few major exams that I need to pass and some pretty big projects to wrap up. So I will be out of my animation desk for a bit :( but come summer, that's when I'll get back into it again and I'll make some new short films... IronDuck 3? Maybe :) 

Summer... that leads us into my next point...

This summer I want to become a great animator. I want to take a leap in animation/illustration/storytelling/etc. So I am looking for a mentor or an animation program. I'd be willing to pay.. If you have any ideas or are interested, email me at


Until summer, (or May 25th, I think). I will post MUCH less. But once it starts... expect daily to weekly updates. 

Boy am I excited

Thanks for reading.
Check back soon

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